Phew what a morning. What a day it's going to be, and another night after that. Yesterday evening we enjoyed a sneaky one @ Darling Harbour's Meat and Wine Co. with a friend from Melbourne. Tracks quickly lead to Cohi bar after that, which probably wasn't the most genious idea, at least it doens't seem so this morning after those apple martinis. But a good night. And YUMMY cocktails. Super busy @ work, new shots are coming in today from Mondays shoot, plus the millions of new arrvials for the website. It's hard to even grasp everything that needs to be done, so I gotta run. Sweaty Betty 6th birthday bash in Bondi tonight too. What to wear what to wear...

Ciao bellas

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Esmeralda said...

Varsågod :) roligt att få hjälpa till lite. Men du måste lova att visa hur håret blev sen. Nyfiken på resultatet :) KRAM