Another hectic day, I just have to stop and give this tip to you all. Me and my collegue went to Napoleon Make Up's clearance sale last week, and I picked up Auto Pilot Primier Face Cream, becuase I've heard so much about it and have never used a premier before so I wanted to give this one a shot, considering it was supposedly so good. It is SO GOOD. This makes my skin feel flawless and makes make-up very easy and smooth to apply. I won't be living without my Auto Pilot anymore. You can pick it up at Napoleon's retailers all over Oz or online for about $69.

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Dusk said...

Hello... haven't visited for a while. This is a very good product.

I interviewed Napolean around the time this was being launched so I got a lot of freebies! I loved this product. I don't wear foundation anyway but this just smooths, truly primes the skin for whatever you put on it. It 'sets' my eye make-up.