Sooo... It's Friday! How good is that? I just got home, made and unsucessful run to the city, was supposed to shop around for a bit but riding through I decided it was way too crowded. Boy am I getting old. Words like that only come from a chic 45 plus. Geeze. So anyway, took a detour home...

So Soho tonight. Shineys bday. Waiting to be fed first :) then I will get my dress on. Haven't worn my lacey little number out yet, so I might give that a go. Can't wait til Sunday I get to pick up my Cocks!! Now if you just found that last sentence slightly disturbing refer to previous post. I'm very excited. Be safe all you crazy party people. Happy Friday xx

to lace, or not o lace. that is the question.


Anonymous said...

Hej! Jag tänkte prova två sätt att nå dig så både mailar dig och gör en kommentar för jag har listat ut att detta är din blogg genom din mailadress. Du har vunnit en auktion hos mig på seconds.se så vänligen kolla din mailadress dit jag har skickat lite info till dig! Det vore bra om vi kunde göra affären så snabbt som möjligt för jag åker bort snart och det vore bra om vi fixade det innan. /Viktoria

Jeremy said...

loving the cocks reference! :) enjoy them!! and thanks sooo much. ps goldy says you are rocking and we should do a shoot with you one day.