only mistake is if you're standing still

Bettina Liano 'Geo-wave' jeans, Peeptoe 'Miss Pixie' heels, Banjo & Matilda 'Manhattan Sweater', Elwood 'Anarchy' jacket

Couldn't resist taking my new jeans out for a walk in the park - I've become more a pants girl this winter which is quite surprising, given how picky I am when it comes to length and fit. But these babies are perfect, both fit - and not to mention that print.

This necklace keeps me grounded and reminds me that not everyone is perfect - I had it made by someone awesome I stumbled on over on Etsy - that place really is full of inspiration.


tee+fame said...

Ah love this look!!! So relaxed yet stylish. Which etsy seller is it? I'd love a necklace made of a guitar pic :)

x x Stace

Joy Shana said...

cute look

Misha said...

This print is snazzy, although in the previous post the print looked more black. Oh and your birdie for the twitter - too cute!