elwood 'northside' chinos, elwood 'st germain top', pulp booties, ray-ban aviators, naomi levi bucket bag

Finding a pair of pants that are a.) comfortable and b.) well fitting, is like finding a designer handbag in a Vinnie's store. These Elwood 'Northside' chinos are the type of pants you can strut around in on a Friday night without feeling under dressed, something I find to be the main resin for never wearing pants on special occasions. Plus! They are long enough for my Bambi-esque legs. Thank the lord, someone who understand the difficulty and / or frustration of being long legged.

I'm off to spend the evening with my man who is turning the big 30 today. Being a Monday night I've been requested to cook up a favourite spaghetti bolognese and set up a chilled evening on the couch.

Happy girlie.


Ally Carey Unknown Pleasures said...

Looking great Steph!


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Kiara Michelle King said...

You look effortlessly chic - super chilled yet styled to perfection!