seven little wonders

To celebrate six little elements of life, Schweppes Mineral Water have given me the opportunity to spoil you - my lovely readers, to hail all things wonderful this versatile mineral water has. Each week, there will be focus on one out of seven : Stylish, Glammed, Partnership, Revitalised, Organised, Nurtured and Socialite.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but some of the things I'll be giving away will include movie tickets, clothing vouchers, social get-togethers and little pamper packages, all that I can guarantee you won't want to miss out on.

So if you didn't love the mineral water for it's rejuvenating capability or it's refreshing flavours (which have 25% less sugar by the way - winning), you'll very quickly fall for the magic in this bottle once the give away's start. Make sure you check in here with me next week to find out more.

Til then - cheers.

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Kelly. said...

oo intriguing! Where are your glasses from Steph? they are beautiful!