A Breo Summer!

BREO Summer Collection 2011 - Shop it here

Ah. Summer is HERE! I want to romp around in a tan, a summer dress and bright colours! Breo got it right this season with this awesome collection of duo-coloured sunnies and flip-flops. (I'm sorry, even after being in Australia over 6 years I just can't call them "thongs"... that's just wrong...)

The footwear is made out of raw natural latex, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. (Wihoo!) Available in 11 colours. I am very picky when it comes to flip-flops. Most of them give me blisters and I went all of last summer without a pair. So when these little babies arrived at my door, I have to say that I was sceptic. But they are insanely comfortable, and no blisters! Happy face.

When it comes to the sunnies, these are perfectly priced at $39.95 and come in a range of crazy colours and shapes to suit every face (even mine). My favourites are the Wayfarer -style ones, with duo colours. My man already nicked my pair of the black / orange combo - if you like a discreet yet statement shade, you can't go wrong with these. Also quite a cool Christmas gift idea.

All of this Breo goodness will be available in store from the end of November. In the mean time, join the Breo Facebook page or shop online at www.breo.com

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