beyond the skin...

Rick Genest, AKA "The Zombie Boy" chose to tattoo his entire body and has now made a career of it. You would have seen him in campaigns for Disquared2, music videos by Lady Gaga and more. He calls his tattoos “celebrating the art of obscenity and the macabre."

Right. And when you regret it?

What an ultimate marketing idea for a concealer!

Dermablend has the answer. They demonstrated the product on a fully tattooed body, which belongs to Rick Genest, or Rico the Zombie, muse to Nicola Formichetti. He maintains the same, rather angry expression through the whole transformation, proving that he is the same person when he’s not disguised by the ink. A paradox: covered with make-up to look natural, unfarded and when he removes the make-up, he looks farded.

The campaign is called ‘Go Beyond the Skin’. Quite confronting, yet so awesome.

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il était une fois... said...

how amaze is this video! stumbled upon it a few weeks ago!! not gonna lie, there's something so hot about zombie boy in a cray cray kinda way!
ps. dermablend is phenom i've used it! :) xx