The A/W of Year 2012

photos taken by me

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of paying ARC PR a visit in Surry Hills to get a little sneak peek of what we're in for Autumn / Winter 2012 courtesy of some of my favourite brands, including BONDS, Wayne Cooper, Betts Shoes, Puma and Roxy. The team @ ARC are also always so super stylish so I couldn't help but sneak in a few of these lovely people... For more info on the brands and upcoming products see below...

1-10 : BONDS mix of raw and super soft fabrics in their unbeatable basics, their tees are still above and beyond and I will be living in these through Summer, all the way to Winter. Loving the new slim trackies with zipped pockets and raw finish. Undies & bra's are still in basic mesh or the classic cotton - again something you just can't look past. Totally sold on the blue.

11,12 : When I came to Australia 6 years ago, I must say Roxy was a tween thing, lots of pink, little hearts and peace signs. Now, it's all I want to wear to the beach this summer - printed bikini's, swingin' hats, vintage look belts, loose tees - just awesome beach bum material. For A/W12 - think turquoises and dusty pink, hippie-inspired prints, embossed leather, raglan jumpers and loose fit tees.

13-17 : Crushing on this season's Wayne Cooper dresses! Flowy lines and uneven hems - just my style. Light and tan leather dresses, pleated chiffon and splash prints. ARC PR's latest addition, Steph (nice name, isn't it?), was smokin' in a black little number à la Wayne C. And those Alexander Wang heels... diiiieee...

18-20 : We all miss the McQueen, but Puma makes it more bearable with colour-popping sneakers, cool contrast jackets, eye catching prints and detailed dresses. I always work out in Puma gear, they make it so much more enjoyable... (or so I tell myself)

21-23 : Betts Shoes. You already know I'm a fan, they're always spot on and I fell hard for that purple and red pair, as well as a pair of biker boots with studded heels (studs are never wrong) - and the short heeled tanned booties are just one of those staple things that you need when Autumn comes around.

On top of it all I fell in love with Shantelle's (ARC) tattoo... yes still thinking about it. Thank you to the lovely team at ARC for making me A/W 2012 ready xx


il était une fois... said...

ahhh everything looks amaze!! awesome shots! i want all that bonds stuff! so jel of you sydney girls..wish melbs had all these fab show rooms!! X
ps. you can get dermablend in priceline but it's quite expensive in their can get online for half the price! best concealer you'll ever use!! xx

Angela said...

Holy heck I need those stilettos in my life. Livin in Bonds so much, love it.

Amaze pics, I'm with Bianca, mega jelly of you Sydney ladies!