Woke up this morning to find my hard work of the other night - clean make up brushes! This is a tip that I picked up from Stina's blog, and it is one I will swear by for the rest of my life. I have never actually even thought much about cleaning my make up tools. I wipe my mascara brush clean once in a while so it doesn't go lumpy, but never really though about my brushes. Then I stumbled upon an entry on Stina's blog about how important it is to clean your tools and how.

EASY: warm water, your hands and dishwashing liquid. Yes - dishwashing liquid(!) I used the Palmolive one we had at home, I guess you people back home in Sweden you have YES as an equivilent. Let me tell you - the water in the sink was filth. It was grey, brown, purple, blue and green, all at the same time. And I've been putting these things on my FACE! Yuck. Squeezed and rinsed them all until the water ran clean. Shook them off a little and then left them on some paper towel to dry overnight.

This morning I didn't recognize my brushes! They were soft, smellt good and believe it or not - SO much easier to use! They pick up powders and eye shadows much nicer and it's much easier to brush on as well. I will swear by this tip, and make sure I do it once a month. If you use good quality brushed ladies, I can guarantee you will see AND feel a difference. Probably the cause to those occasional little spots too. No more.

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Julia said...

Assnygg blogg :) Roligt att läsa! Hoppas allt är bra med dig... har ju typ inte setts på jag vet inte hur många år. Kramkram