1. Beats 'SOLO' by Dr. Dre 2. KORA Organic Skin Care 3. Christian Louboutins 'Pigalle' Spike 4. YSL Oval Arty Ring 5. Chanel 461 'Blue Satin'
6. Canon 15mm 2.8 Fisheye 7. Bjorg bangle 8. Mulberry lizard-print leather and calf hair shoulder bag 9. iPad 3

Even though my birthday is more than a month away, I was asked what was on my wish list. As every time - I always say 'nothing special...'. I lied.


Paige Kennedy said...

If you haven't already tried 'KORA', you really should!!! It's amazing... love love love it.

Paige X


Loren. said...

Ahhh, those Louboutins are to die for!

shu shu said...

I always say nothing too but I have a folder of bookmarks for this occasion! Love your wishlist!

Style Hostess said...

ok. first things that caught my attention- studded Louboutin heels ♥


Style Hostess