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After long hours behind the camera, meeting and working with a whole group of dedicated, passionate people - finally I can reveal the first part of a very exciting collaboration with watermeloncrush.com and Toni&Guy's very own project "Blogged and Bound". As you saw behind the scenes - my set is 'creative' - mixing my love for fashion, photography and a bit of rock'n roll. I'm really excited to soon be sharing the second part of this project with you, all to come in time.

So what is Blogged and Bound?

Hair and style go hand in hand. TONI&GUY Blogged and Bound explores this concept, partnering with twenty of Australia's most influential fashion bloggers. The project includes a 100-page book that features each blogger in a set of unexpected photographs shot by a renowned Australian fashion photographer. Each blogger also stars in their very own short film in which they discuss their style inspiration and the role that hair plays in their overall look. To watch the project unfold, follow Blogged and Bound on Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @hairmeetwardrobeau

Make sure you stay updated with all the wonderful bloggers involved, and I'll be sharing part II with you here soon. x

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