nANA jUDY @ MBFWA 12 + Backstage

The closing show at this year's MBFWA was that of a bang with nANA jUDY and their rockin' range, supported by the band Amy Meredith. This show was very much up my alley - fun, cheeky and bold and without a doubt got the whole crowd in the mood by putting on a show not to be forgotten. And hello. With the Stenmark twins walking for your label - there isn't much else to tick off the wish list. I was lucky enough to get access to backstage, which was a party on it's own with energy levels running high.

nANA jUDY are of course known for their kick-arse denim and menswear, but for us ladies this was a bit of a celebration as their very first ladies' range debuted this night - and let me tell you those black skinnies WILL find their way in to my wardrobe for Winter - high-waist skinny-cut perfection.

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