Argh. The worst thing is when you get up early to go for a run, and once you hit the pavement - pumped and getting ready to pick up the pace : an earphone dies. Or even better, both die. Not only the sound, but the motivation goes POOF. This happened to me this morning - I've been buying buds from an earphone company that used to be fantastic, but the last few years they've gone downhill and so has their quality. I've been through four pairs in a year. Not cool.

So here is to my next investment. BREO is an awesome brand that have everything from cool watches to out-of-control headphones. I've got my eyes on the 'De Janeiro' - done with the buds, it's time to upgrade. I'll give you the verdict within the next few days. Also drooled slightly over their colour-pop watches, trés awesome.

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