Yesterday I got to sit on my new bike for the first time. Whoa. It's a machine. A monster! Stef helped me half way around the garage, and it felt amazing! As soon as I touched the throttle I felt like the garage's walls were gonna cave in. So it's decided, a GSXR 1000 for me. It's always been a dream so I'm glad it's coming true. And all you worry warts out there can stop worrying already cause I will BE CAREFUL. I might be stupid but not that stupid. So at the end of October, you will see me riding around on this little thing. Beware the biker chick. Haha


sweet atti said...

Nu ligger hela New Moon Trailern uppe :) Enjoy!

mary said...

besök min blogg och kommentera gärna =)

tekla said...

tack så mycket steph :)
vilken grym blogg du har,
kommer definitivt fortsätta följa den! ha det fint :)