OK first of all I am officially declaring Spring. I don't care what anyone else says, but it's Spring! Today it was all dress and no stockings, leggings or jumpers. And it was windy. Forgot what a hassle the wind is when you're wearing a skirt or a dress...! I guess there is a downside to every season.

Secondly - I hate people who talk in riddles. If you have something to say just fing say it already. Eweh.. reminds me of my past. Never more.

So I spent the after work in the sunset. Pasta tonight. Yum. Note my Lambretta in action, I love this watch! =) Have had a lot of questions about my Thomas Sabo. I will post more about this later, there are a lot of charms on it, each with a story behind it so I want to take my time. xo

jacket: Gina Tricot, dress: SUPRÉ sample... sorry guys!, sunnies: RayBan, watch: lambretta, bracelet: Thomas Sabo, shoes: converse hi tops + various rings.


Elenore said...

Å:) Det gör mig mycket glad att höra:) Och jag måste även säga att jag gillar din blogg också! Skall lägga den på minnet..:) Snygg stil!

sofia said...

tack =) var är du nånstans??

tekla said...

gillar din bilder :)