a season's changing

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the lovely ladies at the ARC PR Showroom, peeking at what's up and coming the next few months. Wayne Cooper, G-Star and Betts will always be old favourites, but there was some pretty cool things happening in the corner of Oakley, Bonds, Roxy and Bettina Liano as well.

I fell fast and hard for the Wayne Cooper 'Hepburn Shift Dress' and the 'Modal Asymmetric Drape Dress' - all of which will drop in to stores at the end of this month. And as you can see i also found a new friend, the 'Mongolia Gilet' ... mm makes me actually want winter nights.

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Rich Girls. said...

i absolutely adore your outfit in the last shot.
such a perfect find in that fur gillet. love the pop of rust with the shorts too.
i'm glad that i stumbled upon your blog. x.