Cherry Who?

As promised, I did a little interview with none other than babin' Steph Cherry, who recently became the ambassador of Volcom. Like that doesn't make her cool enough, with a smile like that I can only see this little lady becoming bigger and better every day. She also has a blog à la Volcomunity, right here.

1. What's the most memorable place you've been to?
My trip to Cape Town in South Africa this year would have to be one of the most memorable places I have visited. The views were breath taking and it has a cool chilled out vibe similar to Sydney.

2. Did you ever dream of another career, rather than modeling?
I’ve always dreamed of being either a journalist a personal trainer or a film producer/director. I haven’t actually decided which one I like most though.

3. If you could chose ONE piece from your wardrobe to wear everyday?
It would have to be my leather jacket I got from Volcom. It literally goes with everything and can be worn during the day when you are out with friends or during the evening when your going out on the town.

4. "In five years time, I will be..."
Hopefully walking down the run way for Victoria’s secret but if not I’d probably still be travelling around the world, taking millions of photos and telling everyone about my wonderful adventures.

5. What's the best thing about being the ambassador for Volcom?
I love the Volcom team so much and being able to work with such wonderful people would have to be the highlight of my job. I also love shooting with them for their catalogs and writing about my interests and experiences for their blog.

Ciao ciao, Cherry x

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