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During this (so called) 'summer' in Sydney- I was given the opportunity by Mitsubishi to show them my city in one of their awesome little four-wheeled creations - the Mitsubishi ASX. Imagine all the benefits of a traditional SUV – like a spacious interior, roomy boot and extra height to give you a better view of the road ahead – combined with the ease of driving and fuel efficiency of a smaller car (hurrah for us city drivers) Pack the longboard, a game of catch, a picnic and three good friends. And don't forget to leave room for shopping.

I think most of you Sydney siders would agree with me when I say that this place is quite versatile - so trying to pan-out a schedule for one day full of my favourite spots wasn't easy. But we ended up having a fun day out with lots of giggles and a few bloopers (that you're not going to see - I wouldn't do that to myself) visiting the Bondi Markets, Deus Cafe, Capital L to name a few.

And to my boyfriends pleasant surprise, I even managed to parallel-park the ASX - well there is a tick of approval right there.

Enjoy x

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Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

this would have been so fun to film! Looks like a nice car to drive too - your tour of Sydney makes me want to visit again as I lived there over summer! xx