watermarked shots are owed to Life Without Andy x

Can't sleep - had a good night with the lovely ladies from Sweaty Betty PR celebrating the launch of the Gorillaz collaboration with Converse - as well as hailing their new release "Do Ya Thing" featuring André 3000 and James Murphy.

With lovely people like Rochelle, Darren, Jessie, Sara and Life Without Andy on location things don't get much better than this. And the art... I have been obsessed with the Gorillaz artwork since high school. I have always been in complete and utter awe of Jamie Hewlett - what a man.

I can tell you this much - The shoes are awesome. The track is awesome. Sweaty Betty are awesome for inviting me along. As a loyal Conserse-girl, I am definitely getting my paws on these babies... after all I am now know as the puppyrazzi...


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

that character wall looks like it provided endless entertainment & rendered some awesome photos! Looks like a fun event! x

Angela said...

This looks like an absolutely killer night. Love the shots, and love me some cons. Brilliant.

Blackswan said...

Looked like one hell of an event! Shame I couldn't be there - awesome, fun post! I am too a Chuck Taylors kind of girl ;)

x Lauren