The Bali Diaries

Can't say I'm glad to be back from an amazing few days in Bali, some of these images can do the talking. My first time there, but I will without a doubt be back soon. For now I'll just sleep in my Bintang singlet and wash away the remains of seasalt in my hair - til we meet again my friend.

I'm not even going to try to explain the wedding because there are no words that can ever describe the joy, beauty and grandness of that day. And only the best party ends with guest, bridal party AND the bride (yes, dress and all) - end up in the pool. What a day.


Lou said...

What amazing photos and Bali seems like such a great place to go to!

I bet the wedding was amazing and I would love to go there.


Blackswan said...

I'm in awe Steph!! These photos are stunning, wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful wedding indeed... a dream really! I cannot imagine anything like it - literally took my breath away!

BTW, great photos and video (really liked indeed) of you work with Miss Shop/Pedestrian... congrats!

x Lauren

Anthology Collection said...

Gorgeous pictures! Everything looks amazing


Aubrey. said...

I LOVE Bali! Just got back in Feb but have already planned my next visit! Beautiful photos xxx


Anonymous said...

babe - amazing pics - we should have paid for you to shoot the wedding as our pics aren't that great! please please can you put them in the drop box i have set up? xox