got ink?

NOTE TO MUM: This is a photoshop job - no real tattoo I promise, so you can still love me x

I've thought about this, even in my DREAMS the past few days. There is a meaning behind it that I can explain tomorrow. For now I think I might have had a glass of red too many to be taken seriously, and knowing that my Mum would probably disown me just for even considering this, I'll save the explanation for another day. But I'm lusting.

PS - This tune is just BOMB


Blackswan said...

awesome photoshop job! i think my mum of freaked too if I ever got inked.. haha looking forward to finding out the meaning behind it :)

x Lauren

Anonymous said...

Ah I've been considering getting a tattoo in the same place for a while now. My mum is overseas and I already have 5 tattoos so she'll probably freak out too if I got it some time while she was gone.

Richard Kramer said...

This tune is bomb


il était une fois... said...

totally get it babe!! looks rad! wish i wasnt such a pussy when it comes to needles and pain coz i want one too!!! xxx


Rose Mode said...

I am thinking of getting one too, but I dont know why I am scare