please teach me japanese

MINKPINK denim vest, billycock jeans, sportsgirl accessories, therapy booties

I hate you, Blogger. No OK, I love you. But who is "not available" for over three days. Not cool, man. So here is a back post of an outfit form last week. Even though I might not be able to rock the double denim I don't care. It's just awesome in some kind of strange cool / I have no idea / retro / geeky - way.

The weekend holds a little bit (a alot) of work, and a little bit of high-school-friend party. Cool. In two weekends we are going to Melbourne. Pretty much THE place I would love to live except for maybe South Africa. I'm excited. xx

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Claudia said...

du är så snygg! önskar jag hade ett lika spännande liv som du :)


/ Claudia, www.claudiias.blogg.se