Bondi today

Beautiful day today in Bondi. It didn't even feel like winter. I'm really glad the weekend is here, we're going to spend most of it just chillin'. I've started sketching on a new painting which I really want to start on... Hopefully I'll make time for it. Oh and Yum Cha on Sunday :) What are you guys up to? x


Jes said...

Must visit Bondi soon~~~

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

awww... i've just been back from Sydney after a long 2 month vacation! I miss Bondi :) but not the winter cold!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue Do follow if you like! :)

Spell said...

Bondiiiiii! I miss it! Oh i used to love lying on those white surfaces at icebergs - looking back on the beach... lauging at the little crabs crawling on the rocks... ohhhh!!!

Loving your blog! I feel like it's a slice of Sydney!! X Lizzy