fashion week diary 1

There is so much to post from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - it's overwhelming. Apart from the fact that I caught the worst flu in history, it was definitely a week to remember. A lot of beautiful fashion, many beautiful girls, not to mention all the amazing other bloggers that I got to meet, including the beautiful Emm of Spindizzyfall, Jess of Tuula, Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage, Margaret of Shine By Three and Olivia of Strayed Misfit. All amazingly talented ladies which you should all check out.

I have a hoard of photos. I decided to split them in to two posts, and a little video to come as well. Fashion Week should seriously happen twice a year, so it's not so full on. And the Rosemount Lounge should be present both times, and be twice the size ;) xo

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amalie said...

great photos, i loove the shorts in the first picture!