sense of purity

In my effort to getting up early and looking after myself better, I've caught on to the Coconut Water trend - which I'm sure you've all heard of and seen in the hands of celebs all over the world. Blah blah - what is it and does it really work?

The first time I tried coconut water I wasn't impressed, this is the honest truth. I tried a packaged brand that tasted... terrible to say the least. But having many friends who are personal trainers and fitness gurus alike, I couldn't shake the number of times they'd mention the stuff. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Cocobella. Wow.

Cocobella Coconut Water is 100% natural coconut water which contains no fat, no preservatives. Yay! And guess what - it tastes GREAT. My favourite is the 'Straight Up' - I drink it pretty much after every work out. It's refreshing and it actually makes you feel good. If you do however prefer a little bit of flavour you can choose from Mango, Pinapple or Pink Guava.

So what's so great about this stuff? Think of it as nature's sports drink. You know that brightly coloured stuff you drink after a work out? This is that, only colour, preservative and added sugar free, and best of all - natural. It also contains 3 times more electrolytes than your average sports drink... that's a lot. If you do work out a bit, and need a little something more than just plain water after your session, I can highly recommend this. Cocobella is available at most petrol station, supermarkets and at Fitness First. Do it.

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