Wiiiiie I just finished packing and we're about to hit the road for a trip down the coast. Can't wait! Warm clothes, a good book, music music music, and other little things. Good friends, food, wine and times, here I come x


alannah. said...

cant believe you're packing bikinis for a trip 'down' the coast..unless a jacuzzi/spa is involved ;) have a fab weekend! im a bit envious as mine is going to involve working & studying :( x


Steffi said...

Love the picture. The bikini looks great although I don't see how that is "warm clothes" ^^

Great blog!


maddy said...

do you know anywhere / any brands for formal dresses?

Natalia said...

I hope that the weather was a little better up the coast than it is in Sydney! I'm sure you had a fab weekend :)

LUCY said...

ahhh sounds absolutely perfect! loved going road tripping with my girls last winter, there's just something great about spending a week beachside with good tunes, food, a bunch of layers and a campfire right?! not to mention the best waves. have a fun and relaxing time lady x x x