michael kors pre S12

The first up-do at the top on the left as seen on Miranda Kerr yesterday at the CFDA Fashion Awards... looking absolutely jaw-dropping bloody amazing. Loving the gym gear influence with those eye-squinting colors - perfection.

Don't know if fluoro is getting to the 'over-it' point quite just yet, at least not when you see collections like these.


annie said...

i think i died a little inside...
the crisp lines and pop colours are too much DROOL DROOL

you have a beautiful blog! so glad i stumbled on it.

now a follower, keep up the great work :)


amy said...

The pink is so pretty/ the hue sings songs of spring weather and happy blossoming... love your blog!!!

hope to hear from you*!

cravingyou said...

love the pink maxi with the thigh high split