So this may not be much, but it's a start to explain my absence the past few weeks. We are now back safe and sound in Sydney town, and not exactly jumping with joy. It wasn't until yesterday that I found the courage to unzip & unpack, and face the brewing feeling of missing.

Excuse the amateur video, this is not meant to be anything more than what it was : a lot of laughs, good wine, family, friends and freedom.

And PS - Please don't laugh at my attempt at shooting a Magnum. That thing was hectic.


Ashleigh said...

Oh looks like such an incredible and magical holiday! Very jealous! xo

Paul said...

Loved the reaction of the two of you shooting the magnum, looks like fun!

Anide said...

Loved this! Makes me want to head back to SA now :( - what version of 'Good Feeling' is this? I LOVE it. Hope you will post some more of your trip. :D

Emm said...

this is so cute steph! and an amazing video!
I've been meaning to post my travel vids too from bali and NZ. Should probably do that since its been over 2 years! haha