Tea2 and looking back...

Eh. On the weekend we went to T2 (THE best Tea store in the entire world), and I was just meant to get a hold of a strainer for Mom, cause she broke the one in her tea pot that she bought when they were here. I ended up with two teas... Oh and the strainer, Mom, so not to worry. They are the nicest people in that store. Even though they were probably high or somehting they were a lot of fun, SO friendly and helpful. Mmm... Chai... Only five hours left of the day...!

So Stef got his iPhone yesterday. No, I'm not jealous. And that was the biggest lie EVER. Oh well. I have to put up with my bloody 3 contract for another 14 months. How will I survive. At least now I can (finally) access the net through mine so I will live. Hopefully.

Working on our new Bags, it's quite a challange cause I'm linited in colour, and therfore print. But it's also alot of fun. It's always a thrill to see your work on the streets. And the SUPRÉ bags really are EVERYWHERE. TV is playing Pussycat Doll songs one after another, appropriate I guess. Just got photos from the meet& greet i NZ, gosh those gals look like they've won the lotto standing next to the PCD. How cute. We are shooting at the end of this week, but I can't be there cause I have to go to Melbourne. Ick! The casting this time was FULL of gorgeous girls so it should be a good one, and I'm not gonna be able to be there... Buu-huu.

So we have the weekend in Melbourne. I can't wait, and CAN wait, in a way. I'm a little weary, to be honest. And I know I shouldn't be, which is why it's weird. It will be good to see good ol' Ash again though. Hopefully we'll get to catch up with George, Ben and Liz and the rest of the gang. The last time I saw them was through bush fires and chaos at Ben and Lizs wedding... That was a bit of an experience! A few photos, it was a mysteriously beautiful day. They are the most amazing couple.

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