My Second BUS AD

Yea,I'm getting good at this. So this is my second bus ad, ever published. I'm so proud! Lol. I saw it on Monday morning, coming to work. It made the ride to the office so much easier, cause I remembered how much fun I have here.

My brother and his lady Michaela cme to visit me at the office the other say, and Michaela expressed how much she would love to work with the things I do. I have never thought of my position as something somebody would want to have. It just hasn't crossed my mind. But I'm finding more and more that there are SO many young girls who would love to do what I do. Michaela, I think you would be perfect for a role like this, so follow your dreams, Missy!

I want to start posting my magazine ads here too... but as of now I haven't kept up to date with the photography, so I have A LOT of ads to catch up on! From now on I will try to be better...

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