Tears me apart

The promised jeans. I was given these from my one and only T-babe, about a year ago. They're really comfy, a bit big but comfy. They're from Sportsgirl, and I've not worn them much at all. SO I decided to style em up... a bit. Love them now, they are awesome with a blazer. Isn't it amaxing what a little time, creativity, sandpaper and a leatherman can do? Everyone was staring at my bottom half this morning on the train. I bet half of them were in disgust... Poor girl can't even afford to buy pants without holes! Hehe.

Back to work! Have to finish off Tab's website, it's looking HOT. Shoot all day today at work, the photos look amazing. Can't wait to work with them on Friday, should be good. Alot of other reasons I can't WAIT fro Friday too... Dobee dooo.. ;)

Me and Stef have been together for a year and 5 months today. Time flys when you're having fun...! And better times are ahead, according to the little post-it hearts that are slowly disappearing on our mirror... Excitement!

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